Autonomy & Resistance

If we are to truly practice an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist way of life, we must extend our perspective of work beyond capitalism. We must look instead to each other, both for different ways to disengage as well as to heal from the system. As a collective of People of Color made up of Brown, Indigenous, and Migrant bodies, we often look for alternative ways to get our needs met, by growing our own food, sharing our own medicines, and finding our own ways to decolonize on a daily basis.

This work is important. This work is led by women, by mothers, by non-binary and two-spirit folks. This work is led by grandmothers, and by folks without citizenship, and is the foundation of community building by our people, for our people. This work must be done with our communities, for all of our struggles are inherently linked to one another.

We are proud and humbled to be in community with:

DINE’ LAND N WATER  A native led coallition of water protectors, in AZ.


Black Mesa Resistance CampA direct action camp established in Black Mesa, AZ.


Nopalera Artist Collective: A migrant led artist collective in Salt Lake City, UT


Food Not Bombs SLC: A local community food initiative, in Salt Lake City, UT